I’m hard on eqipment…

Its been some time since I last posted anything here. I won’t regale ya’ll with the whole soap opera, but until very recently work was the pressing issue in my world. Now I have steady, good work. Thank you Jesus, and pass the beer.

Days off are meant for shooting.

happiness is a warm gun… on a cold day a warm gun is also a good way to avoid frostbite…

With this maxim in mind I snuck out of the house to the range. Sneaking a Mauser, range bag and lever gun out of the house are quite a feat. I don’t think I quite managed it properly. My 1-year old son was furiously yelling at me as I fled. He still hasn’t forgiven me for leaving him home with the ladies. Oh well. It’s a rough life son, a rough life.

The Mauser in question is one I have written on before. In short, it is a Czech made Mauser with k-98 furniture and likely war provenance. One thing I have never done with it to date is shoot it to more than 100 yds. My home range has up to 200 yd shooting, and today was the day.

Hey presto. My eyes aren’t terribly good, and neither is my shooting… If you look carefully you will see 13 holes in this target. I shot at it 19 times. I need more practice. To be sure, it was cold outside today. The temperature was -14 with -20 windchill, and I forgot my gloves. Blaming the weather for poor marksmanship is pretty lame, but I’m gonna do it any way.

I enjoy shooting this rifle, so I promise to get better with it… scouts honour…

The second rifle I shot today was my Mossberg 464 30-30. This is a very nice rifle. This gun has been a bit of a project gun for me. I’ve been monkeying around with the loads for this gun in particular. Back in September I bought a couple of molds and a lead melting pot. Later I picked up some wheel weights and cast some bullets. The pills I am pushing are 160g RN.

At first I was getting terrible accuracy. It was really bad. As in, 24-inch groups – at 25 yards…

When you encounter a problem such as this, the best thing to do is hit the internet up for help. I follow an online forum called Cast Boolets. There are a ton of experienced casters and shooters who contribute there. as it turns out, gas checks solved my problems. For those of you who don’t know, gas checks are little brass cups that you press onto the back of your bullet. Gas checks seal the chamber gases behind the bullet and prevent bullet deformation as it goes down the barrel.

I plan on writing more about lead casting when I get it figured out better. These cast bullets were shooting very well for me. And a little to the right.

as you can see, the head of the right screw sheared in half. what a killjoy…

While adjusting  the windage one of my windage screws broke. That’s not cool. A screw should not do that…

None of the gunshops in town have a screw I can buy to replace this one, and the dealer I bought the site from in Edmonton has a 30$ minimum order. So now I have to figure something out. I’ll try the hardware stores next and see what they have. Fun times.

The shooting sports are always interesting. You never know where a simple range day will take you.

The end of the road

At the end of every road comes… the end of the road. For 100 years, to the year, Lee Enfield #2438 Mk 1 III was in better than serviceable condition. Yet, I am a reloader who likes to economize on things like brass. Blown out shoulders can be fixed, old guns can be rebuilt.

The Old Lady needed better care than I could give her. I broke down and sold my very first rifle to a collector who rebuilds Enfields to their former glory. A part of me is sad to see her go, but having gone I am glad for her. Then I saw the pictures…old lady

This fellow has done well by my old Enfield. Thank you sir.


Hello all.

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