Drill baby, drill

I am a big fan of optic sights. Scopes are God’s gift to the sight-impaired. Mosin Nagant rifles do not come from the factory drilled and tapped for modern scope mounts. What to do…

20160116_102237Aha. Much better.

A scope mount system is available from ATI. I bought mine for 75$ at my local Wholesale Sports outlet. Instructions in the kit indicate that it can be used for round or hexagonal receivers. Mine is round, so I cannot attest to the fit on a hex receiver. Given that it did work on my rifle, I’d guess that it does.

The kit comes with the bits and taps required to mount the rail, screws and the rail itself. It also comes with the parts and equipment for the bolt handle. We will cover the bolt work in another post.

The very first thing I did was remove my bolt. Do not drill holes in the receiver with the bolt in!

Place the rail on the receiver and clamp it in place so that you have room to drill out the holes. 20160116_102150Notice the position of the rail. Do not mount it in front of the machined-out step in the top of the receiver. If you do, you will drill into the chamber and ruin the action. Use clamps or a vise to securely hold the work piece. Check to ensure that the orientation of the mount is correct from side to side, viewed from the t20160206_145259[1]op. An off-centre scope is not going to help our shooting any.

Here is my Dewalt 20v drill that I used to drill the holes in the receiver. I used a clamp to secure the work piece to my bench. Be careful. Off center holes are pretty useless. Using a drill press is by far the best wat to do this job, but I don’t have one of those. McGiver has nothing on me…20160206_145519[1]

Be careful to follow the directions provided. Also, don’t lose any pieces. I won’t get too far into the process, as the kit comes with detailed directions, but I will make a few observations on the way.

First, do not put the tap in your drill for the thread cutting process! Use a proper tap handle. If you don’t have one, then you can use an adjustable wrench. If you go with the wrench, be careful to center the tap in the hole. I remember breaking a 5/8 tungsten tap once… long story.

Turn the tap slowly by 1/4 turns, and then back the tap out by 1/4 turn. Go slowly. If you experience any binding, do not force the tap. A broken tap is a real downer. Use lubrication. On a small hole like this WD-40 works well. Old engine oil or a proper thread cutting oil are fine too.

Once you have the holes cut & tapped, mount the rail. Use blue Loctite. Apply a small dab to the thread on the screw and then torque it down. Usually scope mount screws are torqued to 20 or so inch/pounds, but I just torque everything by guess. I guess I over-torqued them, cuz I over-torque everything. Like that time I snapped the studs off my Honda minivan…

Next post we will examine the scope, rings, and all that jazz. 20160116_102221